• Electronics 101

    26 Lessons (01:15:28 Hours)

    Arduino is one of the most important microcontrollers in the world and it has many uses and applications, in this course we will introduce the Arduino and how to use it, and we will do several projects and applications and how to connect Arduino with different sensors.

    25 JOD
  • Electronics 102

    24 Lessons (01:38:52 Hours)

    In this course we will continue what we begin in the previous course, we will do a lot of experiments and applications, so we can increase our knowledge in the sensors and components with Arduino.

    25 JOD
  • Electrical Engineering 101

    23 Lessons (00:59:53 Hours)

    In this course, we will introduce the basics of electrical engineering and the most important concepts in electricity.

    25 JOD
  • Electrical Engineering 102

    21 Lessons (00:51:27 Hours)

    In this course, we will continue what we began in the previous course and we will introduce some new concepts in electrical engineering.

    25 JOD
  • Internet of Things 101

    26 Lessons (01:35:43 Hours)

    The accelerating technology around the world is starting to enter our daily lives making them both easier and more fun. The Internet of Things concept is rather a present than being a near future, applied in smart homes, factories, wearables and much more to help us use the most of the classic technology which mainly depends on electronics. In this course we will focus on the concept of the IoT, try various components and connect them into real world ideas.

    25 JOD