About Eureka Tech

Eureka Academy is a Technological Institution that is focused on ensuring that young people get a good head start in their quest to garner knowledge of the technological world. The Eureka Academy is based in Amman, Jordan and Eureka Online Academy is an offshoot of this respectable establishment. The Eureka Academy started in Jordan in 2014 as a mission to ensure that youngsters get the best and affordable education in the technology. At Eureka Academy, we are focused on shifting the educational system to take on tasks like teaching technology and engineering as an integral part of school curriculums.

Eureka Online Academy is the recent brainchild of this wonderful citadel of learning and is specifically created to bring quality learning in the tech sector to youngsters at their remote locations without having to enroll for physical trainings. This online academy is unarguably the first of its kind in the Arab World, being the first online Academy to come out of the Arab World.

The Eureka Online Academy is fully integrated to ensure the all-round development of the innovative, technological and engineering skills of young people of all ages. Our platform is well-equipped with apparatuses they can adapt to quickly. Eureka Academy serves the purpose of equipping these young ones with the knowledge of the concepts of engineering by implementing an intriguing and engrossing system which consists of 10 Themes which are: Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Control Systems and IOT, Renewable Energy, Games Development, Mobile Applications 1&2, Entrepreneurship and Graduation Project.

The Online Academy utilizes several effective structures of learning to ensure the students have a well encapsulating experience on the platform and to ensure that they are well imparted with the knowledge of the course areas they choose to major in. One exceptional thing about this Online Academy is that it focuses on giving children the information they need to engage the world technologically.

Our Mission

At Eureka Online Academy, our core mission is to ensure that knowledge of the use and implementation of technology in everyday life is imparted in the youngsters of the Arab world. We seek to make knowledge of technology and engineering so easy and affordable in the entire Arab World.

Our Vision

At Eureka Online Academy, vision is to make learning about technology and engineering so easily comprehensible that even children of 6 years of age can grasp it. This we have achieved through immersive visual and practical learning environments. We are working towards ensuring a Smart Arab Generation and raising an #Innovative_Arab_Generation.

Our Awards