• 26 Lessons

    Algorithms 101

    In this course, we will take a dive into the world of algorithms, and explain what they are, how to represent them in a form that is intuitive and easy to understand, and how to compare them according to their efficiency. We also explore several different types of Brute force algorithms, Greedy algorithms, and Binary search algorithms.

  • 26 Lessons

    Data Structures

    In this course, we will learn about one of the essential topics in programming, which is the data structures. To join this course, you need to have a brief background of classes and objects.

  • 26 Lessons

    Introduction To Programming With C++

    This course introduces the basic concepts of programming using C++. We’ll go over the basic building blocks of any program, as well as the rules to writing code in C++. Afterward, we introduce different kinds of tools that allow us to perform various tasks.