Mega Kit

$ 93.00

For Electrical Engineering 101 + 102 and Electronics 101 + 102 Courses




Kit Contents

This kit contains the following items: Battery (9 volt), Battery clips, Battery Connector, Breadboard, Male to Male wires, Female to Male wires, LED’s, DC Motor, Potentiometer, LDR, Pushbuttons, Buzzer, Arduino UNO, RGB LED, LM35, Servo Motor, H-Bridge L298N, Relay, LCD 16X2, Motion Sensor, TCRT5000, Ultrasonic Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, HC-06, Keypad 4X4, Flame Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Resistors 220 Ohm, Resistors 10K Ohm, 1.5V battery, Battery Holder, Lamp, Lamp Base, Crocodile Wires, Resistors 1M Ohm, Resistors 20K Ohm, Digital Multi-Meter, Capacitors 10uF, Diode, Transistors 2n3904, Transistors 2n3906