Review 13

Creative environment for children to break traditional boxes. My son is excelling tremendously with passion throughout the program. Best wishes to all…

Review 12

A great environment full of positive energy and amazing kids eager to learn about technology.

Review 11

The best place in the Arab world to get inspired when you watch small children grow to become great engineers.

Review 10

Eureka is my second family, who worked on showing my other character ♥️

Review 9

This place is full of energy, passion and creativity!

Review 8

My kids spent 5 years with Eureka Academy and they did very well and enrich their experience and knowledge in Robotics. I strongly recommend all Pare…

Review 7

A great place to learn engineering and make innovative projects!

Review 6

Eureka is a great, inspirational place where your kids can develop their critical thinking skills and learn about robotics and technology, so they can…

Review 5

It's great to have an academy concerned about training our next generation.

Review 4

Best place for children with passion for robots and technology.